Notice of Intent to Award Contract

Issued: July 5, 2018

Vendors are advised the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) intends to direct award three (3) Hach FL900 Flow Loggers with FLO-DAR sensors to EST Environment Technologies for use at its Regional Landfill located at 1105 Cedar Road, Nanaimo, BC.

The estimated value of the award will be greater than $75,000.

The RDN wishes to direct award for the following reasons:

  • To the best of its knowledge, the FLO-DAR sensor is the only one currently in the marketplace that is intrinsically safe, offers non-contact flow measurement and telemetric capabilities.
  • EST Environmental Technologies is the only authorized distributor in Western Canada.
Vendors wishing to challenge the RDN's intention to direct award to EST Environment Technologies must submit their objection, in writing, via email to the following person before 3:00 p.m. PST on July 19, 2018:
Kurtis Felker, Manager, Purchasing
Regional District of Nanaimo
Email: kfelker@rdn.bc.ca
Challenges must be submitted on company letterhead and be signed by an individual authorized to represent the company submitting the challenge. Challengers must clearly state the reasons why they believe they are qualified to supply the items that are being proposed to be direct awarded and why the items should be competitively tendered.

The RDN retains the right to determine its future course of action depending on any responses received and to perform its due diligence as required prior to making a final decision.