Whiskey Creek- Temporary Stage 4 Watering Restrictions

The RDN wishes to notify you that the Whiskey Creek Water Service Area will immediately move to Stage 4 Watering Restrictions until further notice.

 An unexpected change of water quality from Crocker Creek has caused treatment issues resulting in lower than normal amounts of treated water being available in the Whiskey Creek Water Service Area. Treated water from other sources is being trucked-in temporarily while the situation is being resolved. The water available to residents in Whiskey Creek is safe to consume, but is currently in very low supply. 

Stage 4 Watering Restrictions includes a ban on outdoor lawn watering, washing vehicles, filling pools, and pressure washing. Your efforts to minimize ALL water usage are greatly appreciated at this time. 

When the water supply conditions improve, the Stage 4 Watering Restrictions will be amended and residents will be notified. 

Thank you. 

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