Water Services Notice

Water Services Notice

Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water Service Area (WSA) Update - March 2019


West Bay #3 Well Redevelopment - This community water supply well has been in service since 1981 and was one of the WSA’s most productive wells until a few years ago when production deteriorated significantly, despite the aquifer remaining healthy. Hydrogeologists attribute the decline to the long term accumulation of fine material adjacent to the well that is preventing water movement towards the well screen and pump. Several attempts have been made to rehabilitate the well without success.

Current Status:

As a result of these unsuccessful attempts, in 2018 the RDN decided to redrill the well in a location quite close to the existing well. This work commenced March 4, and should be complete at the end of March 2019. While this work is ongoing, the existing West Bay #3 cannot be used. During this time, the Wall Brook well will continue to be used, along with bulk water from Parksville if required to ensure the reservoirs in the WSA remain full. Some discoloured water will continue to be experienced as a result, particularly in the northern end of the WSA. Once West Bay #3 is back on-line, the Wall Brook well will be shut down and the discoloured water should be minimized.

Next Steps:

Further improvements to water quality can be expected towards the end of 2019 when the Englishman River Water Service (ERWS) comes on line. The ERWS will supply high quality, bulk water to the WSA on a year-round basis via the new water treatment plant currently under construction in Parksville.