OCP Review Citizens Committee

OCP Review Citizens Committee

A Shared Community Vision
Area A - OCP Review
Official Comunity Plan Review Citizens Committee

The role of the Electoral Area 'A' Official Community Plan (OCP) review Citizens Committee was to represent the community's interest in creating and guiding the Electoral Area 'A' OCPs goals, objectives, policies and implementation strategies. Specifically, the Citizens Committee reviewed and provided recommendations on various topics related to the Official Community Plan, in collaboration with Regional District of Nanaimo staff that facilitated broad public participation in the process.

The committee was comprised of 17 members who represent a broad range of interests and geographic locations in Electoral Area 'A'. The Official Community Plan Citizen's Committee members that were appointed by the Regional District of Nanaimo Board include:


Name Geographic Location
Joe Burnett Committee Chairman and Electoral Area A Director
Michael Hooper Cassidy
Chris Pagan Cassidy
Geoff Macaulay Cedar
Donna Sweeney Cedar by the Sea
Anne Fiddick Cedar by the Sea
Brian Collen South Wellington
Jill Maibach South Wellington
Jack Anderson Cedar
Devon Wyatt Cedar
Ray Digby Cedar
Bert Vermaskari Boat Harbour
Zita Hartman Boat Harbour
Lynnia Clark Boat Harbour
Henrik Kreiberg Yellow Point
Joanne McLeod Yellow Point
Gary Laird Yellow Point

Citizens Committee Agenda & Minutes


Agendas Minutes
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