On-Farm Water-Related Infrastructure Project

On-Farm Water-Related Infrastructure Project

This project, in response to Action Items 4.2.a and 4.2.c of the Agricultural Area Plan, was rated the highest priority within the large study category.

The applicable Action Items read as follows:

  • 4.2.a - Support efforts to allow farmers to develop on-farm water-related infrastructure to help with farm operations (such as storage, holding tanks, ponds, winter water surplus storage).
  • 4.2.C - Encourage farmers to use provincial and/or federal programs to develop shared facilities and infrastructure (e.g., water storage, distribution). Access any available funding sources such as infrastructure programs to support shared storage facilities and water distribution systems among individual farms.
The initial step in this project is to meet with the AAC and other stakeholders to find out more information about what the concerns are and what role the RDN may play in addressing them.

Current Status

No actions are currently underway at this time. It is anticipated that this project will be initiated in 2015.

Related to this Actions, on November 9th, 2017, the RDN Drinking Water and Watershed Protection program and the Ministry of Forests Lands Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development hosted a workshop to help agricultural water users understand the new groundwater licensing process in BC. For more information on the new requirements for groundwater users click here