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Pop-Up Offices and Open Houses for the Development Permit & Temporary Use Permit Areas Standardization Project

The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) is striving to make developing in electoral areas more consistent and straightforward by standardizing development permit areas (DPAs) and temporary use permit (TUP) areas. Drafts are now available for public comment until August 3. Over the next several weeks, RDN staff is reaching out to the development industry and the public to seek input.

Twenty-five existing individual DPAs for the purpose of protecting the natural environment, protecting development from hazardous conditions, or protecting farmland are proposed to be reorganized and combined into seven standard DPAs. Seven existing individual TUP area designations are proposed to be consolidated into one TUP area that expands the RDN's ability to issue a TUP following community consultation and evaluation of the suitability of the temporary use based on proposed application evaluation conditions.

The revised draft DPAs and TUP area are now available for review and comment. Have we missed anything? Do the draft changes clarify and simply the process from your perspective? To learn more and provide comments in person, there will be 12 'pop-up office' dates throughout the region, 2 open houses, and RDN staff is available to meet with interested people or groups on request. Further background information, documents and upcoming event details can also be found at www.getinvolved.rdn.ca/DPAs.

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