RDN Watersheds

RDN Watershed Map

The RDN can be divided into 7 major watershed areas. In these watershed areas there are also sub watersheds. Find your area and select it below to learn more:

  1. Big Qualicum River Watershed, Nile Creek, Thames Creek, Rosewall Creek
  2. Little Qualicum
  3. French Creek and Grandon Creek
  4. Englishman River
  5. South Wellington to Nanoose
  6. Nanaimo River Watershed and South Area A
  7. Gabriola Island
Read the Watershed Snapshot Report 2010 for more information on issues and concerns in this watershed, and actions that the RDN DWWP Program will be taking to address them.

The City of Nanaimo has more detailed information about their watersheds, here: City of Nanaimo Watersheds.

Want More Technical Information?

  • RDNWaterMap is a web GIS tool that has more detailed information on water resources in the Regional District of Nanaimo.
  • The Water Budget Phase 1 study is a preliminary look at water supply and demand in our region, that assigns relative stress assessments to help with prioritizing actions in our water regions. Watershed 1: Big Qualicum, Nile Creek, Thames Creek, Rosewall Creek Watershed 2: Little Qualicum River Watershed 3: French Creek Watershed 4: Englishman River Watershed 5: Nanoose to South Wellington Watershed 6: Nanaimo River and South Area A Watershed 7: Gabriola Island