Request for Offer

Compact Track Loader

The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) is seeking responses to the following Request for Offer (RFO): to supply of one (1) Compact Track Loader (Skid Steer) including a General Purpose (GP) bucket, Pallet forks and an Excavator attachment with bucket for use at the Regional Landfill, Nanaimo.

Copies of the RFO may be obtained on or after March 7, 2018 at the Regional Landfill or can be downloaded below. RFOs will be received until 2:00 pm on March 28, 2018. Faxed offers will not be accepted. Sealed offers clearly marked "Compact Track Loader RFO" will be received by hand or courier only at:

Regional Landfill
1105 Cedar Road
Nanaimo, BC
V9X 1K9
Responses may be withdrawn before the deadline upon written notice delivered to the Superintendent of Landfill Operations at the address above or by fax to 250-722-9437. Responses must remain valid for 60 calendar days following the closing time and date. Responses are irrevocable after the closing time and date.

The acceptance of any offer is subject to funds being legally available to complete this transaction and approval by the employee or officer having authority to approve this offer and/or approval by the Board of the Regional District.

Unless otherwise authorized in writing by the Superintendent Landfill Operations, a proponent must not contact or communicate with any elected or appointed officer or employee of the Regional District other than the designated employee in relation to the RFO prior to the acceptance of offer by the Regional Board. Any such communication may result in the disqualification of the offer from further consideration.

The Regional District of Nanaimo is subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. As a result, while Section 20 of the Act does offer some protection for third party business interests, the Regional District cannot guarantee that any information provided to the Regional District can or will be held in confidence. Terms and Conditions that form part of this agreement are attached.

Further information regarding the specifications in this RFO may be obtained from:

Jane Hamilton
Superintendent, Landfill Operations
Telephone: 250-722-2044 ext. 3222
Fax: 250-722-9437
Email: jhamilton@rdn.bc.ca