Request for Statements of Qualifications

Meadowood Community Hall - Consulting Services

The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) is seeking Statements of Qualifications from experienced architectural firms to assist with the design and construction of an approximately 4,000 sq. ft. pre-engineered steel building to be used as a new community recreation centre. The site location is within the RDN Electoral Area "F", at 1810 Galvin Place, Qualicum Beach, BC. The budget for the project, including design, construction and all other costs (excluding GST) is $750,000.

  1. Intent

    This Request for Statements of Qualifications (RFSQ) is issued to determine the most qualified service provider that can meet the Regional District of Nanaimo's requirements, expectations and timeline.

    The Regional District of Nanaimo will review submissions received in response to this RFSQ and enter into discussions with the top-ranked Respondent to negotiate the terms, scope, timeline and cost based on the actual scope of work required. Should these negotiations fail to result in a contract for the Work, the Regional District of Nanaimo may then elect to negotiate with another service provider.

    In any event, the Regional District of Nanaimo shall not be bound to enter into a contract with any Respondent to this RFSQ and, at its sole discretion, may elect to collapse this process, negotiate with a service provider who did not respond to this RFSQ, negotiate with another Respondent regardless of ranking, or to pursue another selection process altogether.

  2. Contemplated Scope of Work and Timeline

    The initial scope of work is to provide a detailed design and Class B cost estimate on or before August 3, 2018 to be included in a Regional District of Nanaimo Board report for their meeting in early September. Should the RDN Board approve proceeding with the project the successful proponent will be asked to provide a tender package of drawings and specifications for bidding purposes and provide contract administration services during the construction phase. The tender is expected to be released late in 2018 with construction starting in early 2019.

    Along with Architectural services, it is expected the team will require Electrical, Mechanical and Civil consultants as part of the team.

  3. Statement of Qualifications

    The statement of qualifications should be no longer than five (5) pages in length (not including cover page, cover letter and appendices), submitted electronically in pdf format to: mdobbs@rdn.bc.ca. Please include the following:

    • qualifications of the company and résumés/cvs of key proposed project personnel and list any key proposed sub-consultants.
    • provide short descriptions of similar projects and assignments and supply references.
    • a statement of your firm's ability to complete the work within the timeframes described;

    Statements of Qualifications (the "SOQ") will be evaluated by the Regional District of Nanaimo. Any or all SOQs will not necessarily be accepted. Evaluation criteria and relevant weightings are:

    • Qualifications and experience of the firm and key assigned staff - 40%;
    • Experience of firm and key assigned staff with similar projects and references - 40%;
    • Availability of key assigned staff and ability to meet the Regional District of Nanaimo's timeline - 20%
  4. Deadline for Submission

    Please submit statements of qualifications by no later than 3:00:00 p.m., local time on the 31st day of May, 2018.
  5. Inquiries and Submissions to:

    Mark Dobbs
    Superintendent of Park Operations and Capital Projects
    Telephone: 250-248-4744 ext. 3605
    Email: mdobbs@rdn.bc.ca