RDN Transit Service Information

RDN Transit Service Information

Our Customer Service Commitment

When you purchase a bus ticket or put your money in the fare box to ride, we want to meet or exceed your expectations. RDN Transit is committed to providing you with a positive experience on public transit, including a safe ride, on-time buses, courteous operators, easily-accessible information, and clean, comfortable buses.

Courtesy Counts When Boarding a Bus:

  • Thank you for being courteous and respectful for your driver and fellow passengers.
  • Stay home when you are felling unwell.
  • Wear a face covering to protect yourself and your fellow riders.
  • Enter through the front door and exit by the back door.
  • When finding your place on the bus, keep an eye out for areas with extra space. Respect your fellow riders' personal areas as you move about the bus.
  • Make sure you are behind the red line when  the bus is in operation. This is for your safety and so customers can quickly enter and exit the bus.
  • Seats are for customers, not bags, feet or wet umbrellas. Place and hold your bag on your lap or on the floor where it will not obstruct the aisles or other customers.
  • Be mindful of your belongings as you walk through the bus - you may be accidentally bumping into other customers as you pass.
  • Please keep your cell phone conversations at a reasonable sound level.
  • Take the first available seat, so you’re seated safely and we can get the bus moving quickly.
  • Be at the bus stop a few minutes early in case your watch doesn't match Regional Transit time.
  • Have your fare or pass ready.
  • When you signal the bus to stop, stay seated until it has stopped, and then exit by the rear door, so passengers getting on in front won't be in your way.
  • Don't eat or drink on the bus. We can't keep the bus clean without your help.
  • When it's hot and the air conditioner is running, please don't open windows.
  • Plan ahead by using by using our Automated Transit Information Line at 390-4531 (Nanaimo Area) or 954-1001 (Parksville-Qualicum Beach Area) to find out which buses you'll need to reach your destination. You can also visit our NextRide site to plan your trip and see where you bus is in real-time.
  • Most major service and route changes are made in August, but changes can happen throughout the year. Check ahead to see if your route is changing.
  • If you have problems with our service, note the bus number, bus route, date and time. Please call us at 390-4531 (Nanaimo Area) 1-877-607-4111 Local 6200 (Toll-free anywhere in B.C.) to resolve the problem or email transit [at] rdn.bc.ca. Please don’t disrupt the schedule by questioning the operator. This will help get you and other passengers to the destination on time.

Mobility Aids on Board the Low-Floor Bus

Maximum mobility aid dimensions that can be safely accommodated on low-floor buses:

2 Feet by 4 Feet (61 cm by 122 cm)
Evaluation of mobility aids and passenger orientation to the low-floor bus can be arranged by calling 390-4531 in Nanaimo, and 954-1001 in Parksville/Qualicum Beach.