Water System Alerts

Water System Alerts

Spring 2019 - Watermain Flushing Schedule
(Click the link above to download the Spring 2019 Flushing Schedule)

Water Alert

February 22, 2019 – Since the shutdown of the river water supply in November 2018, the Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water System has experienced a significant reduction in water production from one of the key water supply wells. While the replacement of this well is being considered, the annual watermain flushing (cleaning) program will be adjusted to focus on the areas furthest from the water filtration plant, i.e., where the most iron-discolouration water complaints come from. In this regard, the areas of Madrona Point, Madrona Heights, and Wall Beach will have their watermains flushed in March 2019, as per the posted schedule (above). The remaining parts of the Nanoose Bay Peninsula Water System such as Fairwinds, Red Gap, Garry Oaks, Beachcomber, Delanice Way, and Dolphin Drive will have their watermain flushing postponed until at least October 2019.

What is watermain flushing? Please see the YouTube video created by our neighbouring municipality, the City of Nanaimo!


Watering Restrictions

  • There are currently no Watering Retrictions

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