Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services The role of Bylaw Services is to obtain compliance with regulations to ensure the protection of neighbours and the community within the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN). Bylaw enforcement officers will work with those willing to correct infractions however officers have a range of tools to ensure compliance ranging from issuing tickets to obtaining court orders and injunctions.

The mandate of the Bylaw Enforcement Officers is to identify, investigate, mediate and resolve bylaw violations and provide enforcement services to all departments and Electoral Areas within the Regional District of Nanaimo. The RDN also provides bylaw enforcement to the District of Lantzville by way of service agreement.

The enforcement of RDN Animal Control Bylaws is contracted to Coastal Animal Services. Residents of all Electoral Areas can contact Coastal directly at 1-888-754-1397.

The RDN has many regulatory bylaws regarding land use, building, animal control, noise, signage and property maintenance to name only a few. Information on the interpretation or enforcement of these bylaws may be obtained on the Frequently Asked Questions page. If the answer to your question about regulatory bylaws cannot be found on the FAQ page you can submit your question to Bylaw Services.