Irrigation Initiatives

Because Every Drop Counts!

FREE Residential Irrigation System Check-Ups

Since 2010, hundreds of residential irrigation check-ups have been performed by Team WaterSmart staff. The program has effectively caught leaks, lowered excessive watering times & advised on water-saving techniques.

Our popular program is now fully booked for 2017. Please call (250) 390 6560 or email watersmart@rdn.bc.ca if you require more information.

Certified Irrigation Professionals - Course Sponsorship 2017

To promote water conservation and the design and installation of efficient irrigation systems, the RDN is offering $100 subsidies for irrigation contractors who work in our region to take the Irrigation Industry Association of BC's (IIABC) "Certified Irrigation Scheduler" course September 28 and 29 at Beban Park in Nanaimo. Registration is now open! All the info is available [here].

To find a certified technician, designer or contractor, see the IIABC Website - Certified Professionals

FREE Workshop for Residents: Efficient Irrigation

For those who cannot participate in the Irrigation Check-ups, we offer workshops at our annual Water Day events to encourage people to inspect their own systems.

[Click here] for details or view the presentation [here]

Efficient Irrigation Round-Table: Municipal & School District Crews

In March 2012, members of municipal and school district grounds crews in the RDN got together to discuss efficient irrigation practices in their line of work. It was an opportunity to share ideas, suggestions and experiences while working together towards the common goal of efficiency.

The round-table discussion lead to a compilation of "best practices" which can be referenced here: Efficient Irrigation Roundtable Discussion Summary

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