Liquid Waste Management Plan

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Our Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) Amendment was developed through a 5-year collaborative process, and charts our path for the next 20 years and beyond. It was approved by the Minister of Environment in October 2014 and replaces the original 1997 LWMP.

The LWMP Amendment outlines our commitment to manage liquid resources in a manner that meets the goals and needs of our residents and environment now and into the future.

Why Does the RDN have a Liquid Waste Management Plan?

Laws regulating municipal wastewater management require that municipal wastewater treatment facilities provide a minimum of secondary treatment. These laws also recognize that it will take time for some treatment facilities to provide secondary treatment.

An approved LWMP authorizes the RDN to find community-driven and cost-effective solutions to protect public health and achieve a standard level of wastewater treatment over a reasonable timeframe.

How will we use the Liquid Waste Management Plan?

The LWMP Amendment is organized into 10 programs, each with goals, objectives and tools to achieve specific commitments. The LWMP Monitoring Committee will oversee and evaluate implementation of the commitments within the LWMP Amendment.

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