12th Annual Golden Shoe Hunt

Starting April 13th

Join us again to find the Golden Shoe. Bring your family and friends to explore our natural treasures and take part in the 12th annual Golden Shoe Hunt, encompassing regional and community parks in electoral areas A to H.

Each week a "golden" shoe will be hidden in one of the Regional District's Regional or Community parks or trails. A clue will then be posted that should lead you to the park and the shoe, in which you will find prizes and a log book to enter a message and your name into. All six shoes will remain in their hiding places until after the May long weekend, so there is plenty of time to find them.

Take a picture with the shoe and send to goldenshoe@rdn.bc.ca or post on social media with the hashtags #myrdn and #rdnparks and #goldenshoehunt to be entered into our prize draws.

Clues and instructions for the locations of the shoe will be posted weekly to this page and on the RDN Facebook and Twitter pages starting April 13th. Additional Clues and photos may be on Instagram.

2018 Golden Shoe Hunt Clues

For additional clues follow us on Instagram.

Clue #1
This Bridge area can be a bit tricky
As with names we can be very picky.
The shoe will be found on the Regional Trail
But you can visit the Regional Park at the same time without fail.
Walk along and look;
It'll be found in a little nook.
Clue #2
This new community park was named in collaboration with the Snaw-Naw-As First Nation. Historically, the site was used by Coast Salish people's and is remembered for its abundance of seals and sea lions, which is still the case today!

Follow the fork to the left and find the shoe in the old arbutus.

Clue #3
Coming Soon...
Clue #4
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Clue #5
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Clue #6
Coming Soon...

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