Mount Benson Regional Park Management Plan

Mount Benson Regional Park Management Plan

Mt. Benson Management Plan


Mount Benson Regional Park Plan
Mount Benson Regional Park lies just west of the City of Nanaimo and includes lands leading up to the summit of Mt. Benson and the top-most part of the north and east slopes. For more information on the park, please click here.

Management Plan (2010-2020)

A ten-year management plan for Mount Benson Regional Park was completed in December 2009 by the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) and the Nanaimo & Area Land Trust (NALT) and officially approved by the RDN Board in January 2010. The plan outlines 25 management policies and 24 action items, and identifies Natural Environment and Conservation Zones that represent development and activity types and locations throughout the park. The plan is to be reviewed in 2015 and formally updated in 2020.

Management Plan Review (2015)

A five-year review of the management plan was completed in February 2015 by NALT and RDN Park staff in accordance with plan policy. Review findings and plan updates — including an inventory of completed tasks, an outline of priority actions for the next five years, and refinement of two policies — were summarized in an RDN staff report and approved by the RDN Board on June 16, 2015.
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