Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and Demolition Waste

Construction and demolition (C&D) waste makes up about 5 per cent of waste that is sent to landfill in the RDN. However, up to 95 per cent of this waste can be kept out of the landfill through material recovery practices and recycling.

Construction Waste Best Practices Guide

Reducing C&D waste will help the Regional District of Nanaimo achieve its waste diversion goal of 90 per cent. The Construction Waste Best Practices Guide highlights best practices, case studies and resources for construction and demolition industry members to identify opportunities to reduce waste and improve environmental performance.

What Goes Where?

You can use the What Goes Where tool to search for where to properly dispose of an item, or check out the table below to see a list of services, facilities, and depots and the services they offer.

Directory of Services, Facilities & Depots
Table for Directory of services, facilities and depots



Circular Services

ABC Recycling 750-C Jackson Rd, Nanaimo Recycling - structural steel, equipment parts, non-ferrous metals, large appliances
Brod Demolition Nanaimo Reuse – deconstruction and salvage company
Cascades Recycling Station 800 Maughan Rd, Nanaimo Recycling – cardboard, paper, plastics. Offer small bin (32, 64, 96 gal) pickup service
Convertus Group 981 Maughan Rd, Nanaimo Recycling - organic waste, lawn clippings, scrap wood
DBL Disposal Services 333 Tenth St, Nanaimo
911 Church Rd, Parksville
Recycling + Disposal Bins - construction materials, drywall, roofing, metal
Demxx Deconstruction Inc. 1688 Alberni Hwy, Coombs Reuse – used building materials


9401 Trans-Canada Hwy, Chemainus

2250 McGarrigle Rd, Nanaimo (transfer stn)
Recycling + Hauling – gypsum, wood waste, plastics, metal
GRT 769 Dalholt Rd, Nanaimo Recycling – contaminated/excess soils, mud, dredge recycled to make construction aggregates
HL Demolition & Waste Management 4481 Markham St, Victoria Reuse – structural moving, green demolition
Island Pallet Solutions Ltd 190 Front St, Nanaimo Reuse - shipping pallets
Milner Recycling  

4299 Biggs Rd, Nanaimo

1985 Island Diesel Way, Nanaimo
Recycling + Disposal Bins – gypsum, metal, concrete, asphalt roofing, wood, organics, plastics
RDN Solid Waste Facilities 1105 Cedar Rd, Nanaimo (landfill)
860 Church Rd, Parksville (transfer station)
Recycling - metal, wood waste, corrugated cardboard
Nanaimo Regional Landfill – Gypsum 860 Church Rd, Parksville Disposal Guidelines - gypsum
Nickel Brothers 1990 Balsam Rd, Nanaimo Reuse – structural moving
Parksville Bottle Depot 611A Alberni Hwy, Parksville Recycling – electronics, appliances, cardboard, scrap metal
Regional Recycling

2375 Hayes Rd, Nanaimo

839 Old Victoria Rd, Nanaimo

Recycling - scrap metal and electronics
ReStore #1 – 4128 Mostar Rd, Nanaimo Donation and Reuse – new and used building materials, cabinets, furnishings, lighting, hardware
Trash2Go #5 – 4286 Departure Bay Rd, Nanaimo Recycling + Waste Hauling – residential furniture, commercial cabinetry, flooring, roofing, electronics, appliances
Unbuilders 8729 Aisne St, Vancouver Reuse - deconstruction and salvage company