Banned Items

Banned Items

The following items are NOT accepted at the following Solid Waste Management Facilities:

Prohibited Waste Regional Landfill Church Road Transfer Station
Biomedical Waste X X
Bulky Waste   X
Burnt Demolition Waste   X
Clean Soil X X
Concrete or asphalt pieces, or rocks greater than 0.03m or 70kg X X
Contaminated Soil   X
Creosote Wood Waste   X
Dead Animals   X
Gypsum X  
Hazardous Waste X X
Land Clearing Waste X X
Liquids X X
Motor vehicle bodies and farm implements X X
Municipal Solid Waste that is on fire or smoldering X X
Organic Waste X  
Recyclable Material delivered in Roll-Off Bins or volume greater than 3 cubic meters X X

How are restrictions enforced?

Loads of waste are inspected when delivered to an RDN Solid Waste Facility for disposal. If a load contains excessive amounts of recyclable or compostable materials, the hauler is subject to penalties under RDN bylaw, in addition to the cost of disposal. In some situations, the hauler may not be allowed to deposit the waste and may be asked to remove the material from the site.

Do some wastes have special disposal requirements?

Due to environmental, health and safety concerns some materials require specific preparation, permits and/or appointments for acceptance at the landfill.