Solid Waste Disposal Facilities - Draft

Solid Waste Disposal Facilities


The RDN owns and operates two solid waste management facilities in the Regional District of Nanaimo, the Regional Landfill and Church Road Transfer Station. Both facilities operate under an approved Solid Waste Management Plan and serve over 160,000 people.

Hours and Rates

Both facilities operate 7 days a week and are closed on Statutory holidays.


The Regional Landfill is located at 1105 Cedar Road, Nanaimo.

The Church Road Transfer Station is located at 860 Church Road, Parksville

Banned Items

A list of materials that are strictly prohibited from landfill disposal at the Regional Landfill and Church Road Transfer Station

Controlled Waste Disposal

Landfilling of certain types of wastes creates potential nuisance, health and safety concerns for staff, or environmental concerns beyond those expected from regular household garbage. These wastes require special handling to protect the health and safety of employees and reduce impacts to the landfill leachate.

Asbestos Disposal

The Regional landfill accepts asbestos waste for disposal on an appointment basis.

Environmental Monitoring

The Regional Landfill Environmental Monitoring provides a comprehensive program to monitor and evaluate the effects of landfilling operations on the environment.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Initiatives

The RDN has introduced several innovative technologies to collect, monitor, reduce and eventually utilize LFG emissions at the Regional Landfill through its LFG Management Plan.