Stone Lake Drive Community Park

Stone Lake Drive Community Park

Natural Play Space Project 

Thank you to the approximately 35 people who came to the project information session on Thursday, October 24th, 2019 from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at Stone Lake Drive Community Park.  RDN Parks staff and the Electoral Area E Director were on site to talk about the project and share the Concept Plan for an improved trailhead including natural play elements.

Given the feedback, final adjustments (such as adding gravel trail surfacing) are being made with the goal of constructing the project in 2020.

About the Project

This natural park contains regenerating forests and several detention ponds for stormwater management.  Easy walking trails loop around the ponds.  In June 2017, a delegation to the Nanoose Bay Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Committee brought forward the idea of integrating some natural play features into a park in the Madrona/Timberstone Estates neighbourhood. Stone Lake Drive Community Park is easily accessible on foot or by bike from the surrounding residential neighbourhoods, and it's naturalness is well suited for adding features that provide interest and play opportunity for families visiting the park. The RDN Board approved Stone Lake Drive Community Park as a pilot project for a natural play space in October, 2017.

A focus group with area residents was held in December 2018 to explore the project in more detail, to identify where the natural play elements could be located within the park, and to talk about other site design ideas.


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