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Here in the Regional District of Nanaimo, we enjoy some of the best water in the world. Maintaining this precious resource requires that we all use water with care. Whether you live in a rural community or an urban setting, what you do today can affect local water quality for years to come.

On the 'wet coast' of BC, it is easy to take our water supply for granted. In dry summer months, water consumption triples, even though there is much less water available. As the region grows, more people will be using the same limited resource. The quantity and quality of our water is directly impacted by human activity including the amount we use on a daily basis. It is important that we all do our part to protect our water.

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Are Watering Restrictions in Effect for my Area?

As of April 1st, seasonal outdoor watering restrictions take effect within the region.

During the spring and summer, practical watering restrictions help us manage our water supply over the dry season. Not all water providers will initiate watering restrictions, but if they do, each 'Stage' has a consistent definition across the region as part of a new standardized framework to improve clarity.

Watering restriction times are set in an attempt to balance the needs of the several major water suppliers in the region, some large systems on surface water sources, other smaller systems on groundwater sources. Outdoor water conservation helps our water systems be resilient to drought and supply water for essential needs, fire protection, and environmental flows.

Celebrate World Rivers Day 2020 - VIRTUALLY!

World Rivers Day occurs annually on the 4th Sunday of September - it all started 40 years ago in British Columbia as BC Rivers Day and is now celebrated by millions of people in over 70 Countries!

Our local waterways connect us all and there are so many ways to celebrate their significance. See below for a list of resources including the City of Nanaimo's Virtual Rivers Day Celebrations page! With the help of several local partners, they've created a week-long celebration leading up to Rivers Day. Each day has a theme and a number of fun activities and learning opportunities that coincide - check it out!

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Rivers Day Resources

Nanaimo Science (NS3) - World Rivers Day Virtual Event

World Rivers Day

OORCBC - 6 Ways to Help your Local River

OORCBC - 5 Ways to Enjoy Your River

Georgia Strait Alliance - An Art-Full Adventure

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