Curbside Collection Online Portal

Curbside Collection Online Portal

You have arrived at the Curbside Collection Online Portal. You can make the following requests:

  • Exchange a cart
  • Report a missing cart
  • Report a damaged cart
  • Report a missed pickup

Please review the information below before you begin. To start your request, enter your billing information and click “Next.”

Are you making a request for more than one cart? Please complete a request through the online portal for each cart.

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For the District of Lantzville, your roll number is 350 or 351
For the Town of Qualicum Beach, your roll number is 565
For the City of Parksville, your roll number is 559
For the RDN, your roll number is either 768 or 769. Please refer to your utility bill for your specific roll number.
The cart number is located at the front of your cart

Request Types

Cart Exchange and Replacement

RDN residents had the opportunity to pick their desired cart sizes based on your household needs during the cart selection period between September and December 2019. If you did not select your preferred cart sizes during the cart selection period, you received a default set of carts: 240L recycling cart, 100L food waste cart, and 100L garbage cart.

Residents that either did not select their preferred cart sizes during the cart selection period or would like to change their previously submitted cart size preferences can submit their exchange request through the Curbside Collection Online Portal. A cart exchange administration fee of $50 per exchange will apply. The administration fee covers the contractor cost associated with picking-up and dropping-off carts, including the onsite reprogramming of the radio-frequency identification tag associated with the carts and the property. All exchanges must be handled by the contractor.

If you are moving into a resale home, we encourage you to first try out the carts that are already at your new property. If you are certain the cart(s) at your new property do not meet your household disposal needs or if there are no carts at your new property, you can exchange the cart(s)/obtain new cart(s) free of charge.

The RDN now has a second option for residents wishing to upsize their garbage carts. We are now offering the choice of upsizing to either one 240L cart or two 100L carts. The cart exchange administration fee will apply to both upsizing options. Please note that your curbside utility fee is determined by your garbage cart size. We are currently working to update our Online Portal to include the new option. If you are interested in obtaining a second cart, please contact our Automated Curbside Collection Hotline by telephone (250-390-6501) or email (curbside [at]

Unfortunately, due to shipping delays, we are experiencing delays in the exchanges for the 240L garbage carts. Our estimated wait time for these carts is 8-12 weeks. If you would like to opt for the two 100L cart option, the second cart would be delivered within 7 days.

We ask for your patience as it will take time to coordinate and fulfill exchange requests.

Report a missing cart

Between July 13 and September 15, 2020, Waste Connections will be delivering a set of 3 wheeled carts to each RDN residential household. Carts may be delivered separately. If you did not received all 3 carts by September 15, please notify the RDN using the form below immediately to ensure carts are delivered to your property as soon as possible in advance of the new automated curbside collection service commencement in October 2020. 

We ask for your patience it will take time to coordinate and fulfill these requests with Waste Connections during the initial roll-out.

Report a damaged cart

If any of the carts are damaged, please use the online portal above to report the damage

Where to find your information on your utility bill


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