Indoor Water Conservation

Indoor Water Conservation

Be WaterSmart Indoors

Reduce, Repair and Retrofit areas in your home where water consumption is highest. On average, Canadians use about 65% of our water in the bathroom. Kitchens and drinking water account for less than 10%.

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Breakdown of Average Canadian Indoor Water Use


How Can I Reduce Indoor Consumption?


  • Replacing an older model toilet with a low-flow model can reduce the amount 'flushed' away by up to 65 %. [ Click Here ]
  • Low-flow showerheads can save 108 litres for a six minute shower. [ Click Here ]
  • Repair leaky toilets and faucets which account for 14 % of consumption. [ Click Here ]
  • Daily showers instead of baths can save 40, 000 litres per year.
  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth and shaving.
  • With a greywater re-use system installed in your home, you can double the use of your shower water by redirecting it to flush your toilet! That can save almost 30% of your indoor water consumption.
  • A simple siphon can help collect bath water for re-use outside to water plants.
  • Dishwashers are the biggest consumers in the kitchen so only use it when it's FULL!
  • Repair leaky faucets.
  • If a dishwasher needs replacing install an energy efficient model. [ Click Here ]
  • A high-efficiency washing machine can reduce water and energy use by up to 50%. [ Click Here ]
  • Only run the washing machine if there is a full load.
  • Use the level setting on your washing machine.
  • Laundry water can get a second use if you redirect it to irrigate your garden - consider a laundry greywater system! [ California example - Click Here ]

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