User Rates

User Rates

Residential Curbside Collection

The annual curbside collection amount charged per dwelling unit is dependent on the size of the GARBAGE cart you selected (in the absence of a selection, you will be provided and charged for the default 100L GARBAGE cart size);The curbside collection fee covers:

  • The cost of garbage disposal at the Regional Landfill;
  • The cost of processing recyclables at the material recovery facility;
  • The cost of composting food waste at the organics processing facility; and
  • The cost of community education, outreach and wildlife awareness programs.

Curbside Collection User Rates

To learn more about the new automated curbside collection service, please visit Get Involved RDN. The current manual collection service and the new automated collection service are governed under bylaw 1591.10. and 1802, respectively.

Residential Sewer Rates

Residential sewer rates vary depending on the service area. The rates are as follows:

French Creek   $ 175.63 per dwelling unit per year  
Surfside   $ 145.66 per dwelling unit per year  
Fairwinds   $ 77.09 per dwelling unit per year  
Barclay Cr.   $ 250.37 per dwelling unit per year  
Cedar   $ 233.40 per dwelling unit per year + $1.60 per day, if connected

To learn more about your sewer service area, please visit our RDN Sewer Systems webpage.

Not all residences in the Regional District of Nanaimo have sewer service. Some properties may have onsite systems often called septic systems. To learn more about these types of systems, please visit our Septic Smart webpage.

Residential Water Rates

The Regional District of Nanaimo adopted a tiered user fee rate structure for all of the water systems it serves. The structure is designed with user fees increasing as water consumption increases. This service falls under bylaw 1655.11.

The current rates are as follows:

Rate per Cubic Meter Consumed per Day

Minimum Daily Rate

Up to .7m3

.701 to 1.4m3

1.401 to 2.1m3

2.101 to 2.8m3

2.801 to 3.5m3

over 3.5m3








For more information on the water systems, please visit the WaterSmart Communities webpage.

How your Water Bill is Calculated

Calculating your water bill based on 2021 rates:

Step 1: Calculate your average daily consumption

Total consumption (found on your bill)

= Average daily consumption

          Number of days in billing period              


To Calculate the Number of Days in a Billing Period

Number of days between readings: 0 Days

Step 2: Calculate total bill amount

If your average daily consumption is equal to or less than 0.7 cu m/day, proceed with the following calculation:

Assuming your average daily consumption is 0.55 cu m per day (66 cu m / 120 days)

(a) Average daily consumption x rate per cu m x number of days in the billing period

            = 0.55 cu m x $1.10 per cu m x 120 days = $72.60

(b) Minimum daily rate = $0.36 x 120 days = $43.20

Your bill will be the greater of (a) or (b)

If your average daily consumption is greater than 0.7 cu m/day, proceed with the following calculation:

Assuming your average daily consumption is 2.00 cu m per day (240cu m / 120 days)

(a) First 0.7 cu m x $1.10 cu m = $0.770 per day

(b) From 0.701 to 14 cu m (0.7cu m) x $1.25 per day = $0.875 per day

(c) From 1.401 to 2 cu m (0.6 cu m) x $1.61 = $0.966 per day

Total daily cost = $2.611

Your bill will be = $2.611 x 120 days = $313.32


Community Averages for Water Usage in Your Area - For Billing Period May to September 2021:

Code: Service Area: Cubic meters per Day:
W34 Surfside 1.60
W38 French Creek 1.03
W39 Whiskey Creek 0.70
W42 Decourcey 0.56
W43A San Pareil 1.34
W45 Englishman River 1.67
W46A Melrose Terrace 0.55
W47 Nanoose Peninsula 1.35
W51 Westurne Heights 0.56