Regional District of Nanaimo - Coats Marsh Regional Park

Coats Marsh Regional Park

In 2008, a long-time Gabriola landowner used the federal eco-gift tax program to help The Nature Trust of BC and the RDN acquire and protect 44 ha of environmentally sensitive wetlands and forest. Coats Marsh Regional Park is the first protected wetland on Gabriola, an under-represented category in the Sensitive Ecosystem Inventory for the southern Gulf Islands which only have 1.7 per cent of their land base in wetlands. The balance of the new regional park contains second-growth Douglas-fir forest that will now be able to mature to old growth status in tandem with the woods of the large 707 Community Park next door. A rough trail network within the property lets you explore the sensitive habitat.

things to do
Bird watching, walking

how to get there
Aidan Rd (off Coats Dr, off South Rd).

Park Location

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Park Map

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