The RDN has lands prone to seasonal flooding, particularly low lying Coastal areas and near rivers and streams.

As it is the beginning of the typically wet fall/winter season, residents are recommended to prepare early if residing in an area prone to flooding, and to keep sandbags in place until spring if in use. Sandbags and sand are available at both the Coombs/Hilliers and Dashwood Volunteer Fire Halls if needed by local residents for flood prevention.

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Residents are advised they need to fill and place sandbags on their own. More general information can be seen here on sandbags. It takes about two people about 1 hour one to fill and place 100 sandbags, giving you a 1-foot-by-20-foot wall. Make sure you have enough sand, sandbags, shovels and time to prepare properly. If you require assistance filling and placing sandbags please contact your neighbours, family and friends.

Below is a video that shows how to properly fill and place sandbags: