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General Park Rules

Hours of Operation and Permitted Users

During camping season, Park gates open at 7 am and close at 10 pm. The Park is open to all public, including cyclists and equestrians, but no ATVs, recreational motorbikes, personal watercraft or guns are allowed in the Park. All public events are by permit from Park Operator only. See Park Use Regulation below for further details about what is allowed in an RDN park.


No lifeguard service provided. Recommended swimming areas may be marked by buoys during summer season. All swimmers be advised: lake bottom drops off precipitously close to shore and all children should be kept within arm's reach. Caution: Swimmer's Itch may develop during summer -- towel-off immediately upon exiting water.


All vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas or campsites at all times. No parking on any campground lanes, Park roads or at the boat launch.


Treated water provided for park visitors at standpipe by Park House in Northpark; no RV water fill up facilities available. Standpipe closed from 10 pm to 7 am. Water from Northpark and Southpark hand pumps must be boiled before drinking. No washing in lake or around standpipe and hand pumps.


Large bin garbage containers are located in the Northpark parking area and across from Paradise Bay in Southpark. Recycling stations are located in the Northpark parking area and by the kiosk in Paradise Bay.


Outhouses are located within a short walk of all campsites and group sites. Note: no Sani Station at the park.


Visa, Mastercard, Travellers Cheques, cash and Quality Foods' Rec Bucks are all accepted at the Park. U.S. dollars accepted at rate posted at Campground Office. HST must be added to all Park fees. Park users who have not paid a required fee will be charged double the regular rate.


Pets must be under control at all times. Dogs must be leashed at all times when in the Park including at individual campsites, with leashes not to exceed 2m in length. No electric dog restraints are permitted in lieu of a leash. All poop to be scooped.

Park Use Regulation

Horne Lake Regional Park is governed by RDN Park Use Regulation Bylaws 1399 and 1399.01. Click here to view and print a copy of the Bylaws.

A permit is required for special use of a Regional District of Nanaimo Park. Special uses include but are not limited to events, commercial recreation, filming and research. Click here to view the Park Use Permit Application Form.