Parks Amenity Donation Program

Parks Amenity Donation Program

The Regional District of Nanaimo's Parks Amenity Donation Program provides an opportunity for an individual, organization or service group to contribute toward park improvements in the RDN.

Common donation amenities include park benches and picnic tables. Other park improvements may also be considered through the Program on a case by case basis.


  • The first step toward making a donation is to review the Program Terms and Conditions and Frequently Asked Questions below.
  • Next, contact the RDN Parks Department at recparks [at] with a brief outline of your desired amenity and preferred location. 
  • Parks staff will be in touch to discuss and review your donation options with you including, the item being donated, the park and site your donation will be located, wording on the plaque, and any other donation details. Once the details have been confirmed you can submit a completed application to recparks [at]
  • Your application will be processed and, once approved, the Regional District of Nanaimo will send you a waiver and letter outlining the donation cost. 
  • Payment is required before the amenity and/or plaque can be installed. Upon payment, you will receive a tax receipt and Parks staff will follow up with a proof of the plaque working for your final review.
  • When your donated amenity is installed, you will receive a thank you letter from the Parks Department.

Thank you for your interest in the Parks Amenity Donation Program. Your donation will be enjoyed by many park visitors for years to come.



What parks are eligible for park amenity donations?

Parks and locations within parks are assessed on a case by case basis. Environmental factors, site access, functional use and proximity to other site features are considered in evaluating the suitability of a given location. RDN Parks Finder

What can be donated?

The most popular donation is a park bench, but other park amenities such as picnic tables will be considered. If you would like to make a financial donation to the Regional District to support a specific parks project or for general community benefit, please contact RDN Parks Services.

What is the cost of a donation?

Park bench: $4,000 for bench and plaque, or $1,000 for a plaque on an existing bench.

Picnic table: $4,500 with plaque, or $1,000 for a plaque on an existing picnic table.

Costs for other amenity donations will be determined on a case by case basis.

Is the cost of a plaque included in the donation amount?
Commemorative plaques are included in the cost of the donation for new benches, picnic tables and other parks improvement projects. 
What is the recommended wording for plaques?

Donors are encouraged to choose messages that are uplifting, inspirational, or promote enjoyment of the park. Plaques are not intended to serve as memorial markers. Dates indicating lifetime and wording that serves to create a memorial of a deceased person will not be approved. The RDN reserves the right for final approval of plaque wording.

How long is the donation term?

The donation term for an amenity is 10 years, with the option of renewal. If you have donated an item that is nearing completion of its 10-year term, please contact RDN Parks Services to discuss next steps.

How long will it take for the amenity to be installed?

Following receipt of your payment, allow 8-12 weeks for the installation of the amenity. The timing of installation may be further affected by seasonal factors or if the amenity is included within a park construction project. You will be notified when installation is complete with a thank you letter from the Parks Department.


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