Program Proposal - Active Living Guide

Do you have an idea for a program or workshop you'd like to offer through the RDN Recreation and Parks department? We'd love to hear about it. Please find below a link to a form for you to print, complete and submit.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the process of submitting a program proposal

How do I get started?
Start by developing a clear vision for the program, including a title, objectives, a brief description and requirements for space and equipment. We strongly recommend looking through our current Active Living Guide to see what kinds of classes we currently offer and how they are structured. Once you've got an idea, fill out the form and submit it along with your resume and copies of any relevant certificates.
How do I submit my program proposal?
You can submit the form in person at either Ravensong Aquatic Centre or Oceanside Place Arena or you can email it to Hking@rdn.bc.ca
How are programs selected?
Proposals are reviewed by the team of Recreation Programmers and decisions are made with a number of factors in mind including: uniqueness of program, customer interest, availability of space and timing.
What is the best time to submit a proposal?
Typically we plan our program line up six months in advance so we have time to make sure the program appears in one of our two annual Active Living Guides (March/August). That said we accept proposals year round.
Is there anything I can do to improve the chance of my program being selected?
We encourage you to look through our current Active Living Guide to get a sense of what programs we offer. We do our best to avoid over programming classes that are similar, so look for a unique angle or a gap in our programming to fill. Another suggestion is to collect a list of names of people who are interested in the program- if you have friends or colleagues that have an interest in a particular program that helps to identify a customer need.
What is a reasonable price for a program?
Program pricing varies widely depending on factors such as the length of the program, how specialized the instruction is, and the type of supplies required. As a starting point, we recommend looking through our current Active living Guide and finding a similar program to compare your proposed program with. We strive to offer affordable programs, but class fees must cover all costs.
How much do you pay instructors?
Wages vary depending on a number of factors, including the specialization of the skill, length of time or experience instructing, and the program budget. The cost of the program and the instructors wage are not finalized until after a program has been selected, so if you aren't sure just include a ball park figure.
Do I get to choose where my program is held?
No - our programming team will select a space based on the requirements you have submitted and availability of a suitable space within the Region. Your suggestions are welcome.
If my program is selected, what are the next steps?
A programmer will be in touch to set up a meeting with you. At that time you will discuss details of the program, your teaching experience, possible dates/times, budget, supplies and wages. You may be required to complete a Criminal Record Check at this point in the process. Keep in touch with the programmer and they will walk you through the process.
Still have questions?
Please feel free to contact hking@rdn.bc.ca