Sea Level Rise Adaptation Program

The RDN is preparing for climate change and sea level rise through a Sea Level Rise (SLR) Adaptation Program. Adaptation refers to actions taken to respond to the impacts of SLR and to reduce the associated risks. Over the next 3 years, the program will include research, planning, public engagement and implementation.

SLR Adaptation Program Components and Timelines:

The Program is divided into four phases, each with key deliverables. We are currently in the RESEARCH phase which includes undertaking a coastal analysis to develop coastal floodplain maps. When completed, the mapping information will be used to update the RDN's Floodplain Management Bylaw No. 1469, and the RDN's Emergency Services Hazard Risk Assessment Plan as well as future assessments, policies and plans regarding sea level rise (SLR) adaptation.

Sub-Areas 1 & 2 (north & central) will be completed in the spring 2019. Sub-Area 3 (south) is anticipated to be initiated in the fall 2019. For more information on the study area and sea level rise, see the related documents listed below: