Shelter in Place Instructions

Some emergencies may require you to stay right where you are. It may be that the particular circumstances make that safer for you and emergency personnel than evacuating you immediately to a different location.

During an emergency, you will hear an official media release regarding the incident, and should you hear that people in your area apprised of the Order to Shelter in Place, that means that you should:

  • Go inside your home or closest building to you as quickly as possible.
  • Close all the doors, windows, fireplaces, vents or other openings. Use duct tape, foil or plastic wrap to seal leaks.
  • Turn off all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Close vents.
  • Close drapes, curtains and shades. Stay away from external windows.
  • Use stairwells where possible - limit the use of, or avoid elevators.
  • Use telephones only if you require immediate emergency service.
  • Turn on your radio or television for information updates
  • You will be advised of the nature of the toxic substance that may have created exposure to the public, and the accompanying symptoms. You will be advised to seek medical attention at an identified location.
If you are sheltering in place, DO NOT:
  • Call your children's school or try to pick up your children. They will be safer sheltering in place at school than they would be riding in your vehicle through a potentially hazardous area.
  • Risk the safety of your pets. If they can not be found immediately, shelter in place without them.
  • Leave your building or home until you receive notification that the danger has passed.
You should always try to have enough emergency supplies on hand to last you and your family for 72 hours. Check out the Grab'n'Go article, or visit Emergency Management BC website for further information on home emergency supplies.

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