Woodstove Exchange Program

Woodstove Exchange Program

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IMPORTANT UPDATE OCTOBER 12, 2022: Due to the popularity of the Woodstove Exchange program, rebates are fully subscribed for Natural Gas and Propane appliances. 2022 Rebates are still available for the following exchanges: heat pump, pellet stove, electric appliance, and EPA 2020-certified woodstove. 

2023 Program Preliminary update - We have applied to the Province and BC Lung Association for 2023 program funding. If we are successful, program updates for 2023 will be posted to this page in mid-December. The funding bodies have indicated that program funding may no longer be used to fund natural gas or propane exchanges. Rebates for woodstoves to natural gas appliances and woodstoves to propane appliances will no longer be available through this program.

The RDN's 2022 Woodstove Exchange Program offers the following rebates.  Rebate amounts are set by the program funders (Province of BC and BC Lung Foundation).

  • Woodstove to Electric Heat Pump: $750
  • Woodstove to Pellet Stove or Electric appliance: $500
  • Woodstove to Natural Gas or Propane appliance: $500 (Fully subscribed for 2022)
  • Woodstove to new EPA 2020 Certified Woodstove:  $300

Applications for this rebate are accepted from January 1, 2022, through to December 15, 2022. 

This RDN rebate is available to:

  • RDN Electoral Area residents 
  • City of Parksville Residents
  • Town of Qualicum Beach residents
  • District of Lantzville residents 

City of Nanaimo residents must apply directly to the City of Nanaimo program here.

How to apply to the RDN Woodstove Exchange Rebate program:

Check out our program brochure! 

Notes: Most insurance companies require notification if you are installing a new heating appliance -this is your responsibility. The value of the rebate cannot exceed the value of the appliance.

  1. Qualify: You must have a non-EPA-certified woodstove to exchange (typically installed before 1994, usually don't have glass windows, no EPA label on the back). This wood stove must currently be in use (not already removed or decommissioned). You must live in one of the qualifying areas (see above) and be replacing the woodstove in a residence you own.

  2. Visit a Participating Retailer: Only appliances purchased through a participating retailer are eligible for rebates. The participating retailers will help you find a cleaner home heating option. If you are a retailer who is interested in becoming part of this program, contact us at: sustainability [at] rdn.bc.ca

  3. Get your voucher form: When you buy your new appliance, the Participating Retailer will give you a completed rebate voucher form. It is your responsibility to ensure that the retailer has completed the form in full and that you have reviewed the form to see what supporting documents you need to supply to the RDN when you submit the voucher form.

  4. Ensure disposal of your old wood stove: Your old wood stove must be destroyed to receive the rebate. This can be done by your supplier or by you.
    • If your supplier disposes of your stove, they must indicate this on the invoice.
    • If you handle disposal, you must dispose of the stove at an RDN facility and obtain a receipt for the disposal.
      • RDN Woodstove Disposal Locations:
        • RDN Landfill: 1105 Cedar Road, Nanaimo, Phone: 250-722-2044
        • RDN Church Road Transfer Station: 860 Church Road, Parksville, Phone: 250-248-5254

  5. Get your documentation together, checking the voucher form to make sure you have everything you need. You will need at a minimum:
    • the fully completed voucher form signed by the retailer
    • your invoice, showing that it is fully paid and that the installation and disposal have been completed

  6. Submit everything to the RDN by email: sustainability [at] rdn.bc.ca

    No Email? You can always submit hard copies in person or by mail to:

    Woodstove Exchange Program
    c/o Energy and Sustainability 6300 Hammond Bay Rd
    Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 6N2

  7. Allow 4-6 weeks for processing and delivery of your rebate cheque.


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