Voting Day Registration

2022 General Local Elections - Voting Day Registration

A resident elector cannot pre-register to vote. If you arrive on voting day to vote and you are not on the list of electors, you may register at the time of voting by completing an application form available at the voting place. Registration is available at all voting places on general voting day, October 15, 2022, and at advance polls on October 5, 2022 and October 12, 2022. To register you must meet the following qualifications:

  • 18 years of age or older on general voting day;
  • Canadian citizen;
  • resident of BC for at least 6 months immediately preceding the day of registration;
  • resident of OR registered owner of real property in the voting jurisdiction; and
  • not disqualified by the Local Government Act or any other enactment from voting in an election or otherwise disqualified by law.

Resident electors must also provide the following items:

  • Two pieces of identification (at least one with a signature). Picture identification is not necessary. The identification must prove both residency and identity;
  • OR If you do not have a document that proves your residence, you may provide two documents for identity, and make a solemn declaration to confirm residency - declaration forms will be available at the voting place.

Non-resident property electors must also provide the following items:

  • Two pieces of identification (at least one with a signature) to prove identity;
  • Proof of ownership of the property in the voting area, such as your tax notice, or a certificate of title print-out; and
  • If there is more than one owner of the property, written consent from the other property owners. Note: Only one non-resident property elector is entitled to vote per property.

Contact Information

Phone: 250-390-4111, toll free 1-877-607-4111
Email: vote [at] (vote[at]rdn[dot]bc[dot]ca)

Jacquie Hill, Chief Election Officer
Delcy Wells, Deputy Chief Election Officer
Jessica Bagnall, Deputy Chief Election Officer
Cheryl Golding, Deputy Chief Election Officer
Gail Smith, Deputy Chief Election Officer