Consolidated Phased Development Agreement (PDA)

Consolidated Phased Development Agreement (PDA)

Phased Development Agreement (PDA) – Consolidated for convenience to include amendments up to July 25th, 2017

On July 25, 2017, the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) approved amendments to the Lakes District and Schooner Cove Phased Development Agreement (PDA). The purpose of the amendments was to accommodate development of Phase 1SC in Schooner Cove and to address how development will proceed on Schooner Cove Lands through subsequent future phases. The PDA is a legally binding agreement between the RDN and the owner of the lands within Lakes District and Schooner Cove, which outlines the development phasing and provision of community amenities as envisioned in the Neighbourhood Plans, for the term of the Agreement (20 years).

For convenience purposes, Schedule "1" - Phased Development Agreement of Bylaw 1692 and its corresponding Schedules are attached as separate PDF documents below:

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