Recycling Collection Frequency

Recycling is collected every two weeks, alternating weeks with garbage collection.

Acceptable Waste


For a detailed breakdown of acceptable recyclables, refer to the list at the bottom of this page.

AppUnsure of where an item should go? Use the What Goes Where look up tool to search hundreds of items.

 Automated Curbside Collection (beginning October 1, 2020)

How to Use Your Recycling Cart (blue lid)

This short video illustrates how the recycling carts are to be used.

The Importance of Recycling Right

This short video illustrates what goes where and the importance of recycling right as it relates to contamination in the recycling stream.

 calendar Collection Schedule 

In October 2020, the RDN  transitioned to an automated curbside collection service - a cleaner, safer and smarter way to collect waste. Simply roll your carts to the curb on your scheduled collection day. The new collections truck will empty the carts and return them back to the curb using a mechanical arm operated by the crew from inside the cab of the truck.

calendar Collection will remain the same as the 2020/2021 collection schedule. Click here for check your schedule.

  • Food waste is collected weekly in your food waste cart;
  • Garbage is collected every two weeks in your garbage cart, alternating weeks with your recycling; and
  • Recycling is collected every two weeks in your recycling cart, alternating weeks with your garbage. 

By 8 AM on your scheduled collection day:

  • Roll your carts to the street with the wheels against the curb if there is one, or just off the road, on the shoulder or at the end of your driveway.
  • Face your carts with the arrows on the cart lid must point to the street. The cart lids must be completely closed and the food waste cart lid in the locked position; overflowing carts will not be collected as material will spill onto the street as it is being emptied.
  • Space your carts at least 1 m (3 ft) of clearance between the carts and any obstacles (parked cars, poles, fire hydrants, etc.) and 3 m (10 ft) of clearance above.
  • Remove your carts once the collection truck has emptied the carts, return your carts to a secure location on your property within the same day. If your carts are not collected by 6 PM, report a missed collection via the Online Portal (link will not be active until September 15th).

Detailed List of Acceptable Materials

Detailed List of Acceptable Materials
Material Additional detail
Newspaper and Flyers Daily and community newspapers and advertising flyers
Magazines All types
Telephone books Phone books; directories
Paper gift wrap and greeting cards Do not include Non-paper gift wrap Ribbons or bows Musical greeting cards with batteries
Writing/home office paper and correspondence Note pads; loose leaf paper; white or coloured paper, printed paper; paper envelopes; shredded paper
Corrugated cardboard boxes Shipping boxes, grocery and liquor store boxes, pizza boxes etc.
Boxboard Boxes for cereal, shoes, tissues, pizza, frozen entrees, detergent etc.
Moulded boxboard packaging Egg cartons, take out trays, paper garden pots
Paper bags Any color
Multi- layer paper bags Multi-layered paper bags for pet food, flour, sugar etc. Do not include bags with foil layer.
Paper cups Do not include straws
Gable-top cartons Milk, milk-type beverages, cream etc. Do not include refundable containers
Aseptic cartons Soup, broth, sauces etc. Do not include stand up pouches.
Frozen dessert boxes  
Empty aerosol cans For food, air fresheners, shaving cream, deodorant, hairspray, etc. Do not include spray paint or propane cylinders
Spiral wound cans and metal lids For frozen juice concentrate, potato chips, cookie dough, coffee, nuts, baby formula, etc.
Aluminum/steel cans and lids Seafood, cat food, cookie tins etc. Do not include pots, pans, scrap metal, wiring, refundable cans.
Aluminum foil and foil take-out containers Foil wrap, pie plates food trays etc. Do not include chip bags, butter wrap.
Plastic jugs/bottles and lids Milk, cooking oil, laundry detergent, mouth wash, body care products, glass cleaner etc. Do not include motor oil, vehicle lubricant or antifreeze products
Plastic clamshells Baked goods, fruits etc. Do not include liquid absorbing pads.
Plastic jars and lids Spreads, vitamins, cosmetics etc.
Plastic trays and tops Deli chicken, single serve meals, baked goods etc. Do not include soft plastic/packaging for gum and pills.
Plastic tubs and lids Margarine, spreads, soft cheese sour cream etc. Do not include packaging labelled biodegradable
Plastic cups with lids Beverage take out cups. Do not include Foam cups, straws
Plastic garden pots and trays For bedding plants, seedlings etc. Do not include ceramic plant pots.
Plastic pails For laundry detergents, ice cream etc. Do not include plastic pails larger than 25L, paints cans
Microwaveable bowls and cups Soups and entrees. Do not include bowls with metal rims, cutlery.
Glass bottles and Jars Clear or colored. Do not include drinking glasses, dishes, ceramic
Plastic bags and overwrap Plastic bags/over wrap (i.e. plastic shopping bags), bulk or produce bags, overwrap (i.e. overwrap on toilet paper)
Other flexible packaging Crinkly wrappers and bags, flexible packaging with plastic seal, stand-up and zipper lock pouches, woven and net plastic bags and non-food protective packaging (i.e. cereal bags, chip bags, candy wrappers)
Foam containers, trays and cushion packaging Meat trays, clamshells, egg cartons cushion packaging used to protect electronics. Do not include liquid absorbing pad, foam peanuts