San Pareil Water System Improvements

San Pareil Water System Improvements

This web page ( has been established to provide a central place for information on the water system upgrades in the RDN San Pareil Community. If you have any questions, please contact the RDN using the form provided below.

Water Service Area Expansion:

The Regional District of Nanaimo has received inquiries about the costs to connect approximately 41 properties to the community water system in the northeast corner of San Pareil. An expansion of the San Pareil Water Service Area would be required, along with construction of water mains on Juniper Road, Cypress Road, and the east portion of Shorewood Drive. A group-expansion project (as opposed to individual requests) is being considered at this time. Preliminary construction cost estimates have been prepared by a local civil engineering firm, based on other recent water system construction costs nearby. The cost of expanding the water service and installing new water mains would be entirely paid for by the group of 41 property owners in the northeast corner of San Pareil.

A public meeting was held on May 2, 2019 at Tigh-Na-Mara Resort, Parksville, B.C., for property owners to seek answers to their questions, meet with neighbours, and meet the RDN project staff. RDN staff will be taking a recommendation to the RDN Board for approval in June 2019 that this project proceed to a petition of the residents. If approved, the petition will be mailed to the affected property owners in July 2019. The petition is a legal document requesting water service from the RDN, in turn for agreeing to the terms spelled out in the petition. The petition will include the maximum construction costs payable, the annual tax amount and water fees payable, and the property owners’ options for payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

This series of questions and answers provides background information about the proposed San Pareil Water Service Area Expansion.

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Fire Protection Improvements:

In July 2014, improvements to the San Pareil water distribution system, reservoir and pump station were completed. The improvements provided key upgrades to aging infrastructure, water storage, and flows that now meet requirements for fire protection purposes. The Fire Service Area serves ALL San Pareil property owners and is financially supported by all property owners. A copy of the letter received from the Fire Underwriters Survey confirming the new fire insurance grading can be downloaded in the Reports section of this website, below.

Water Treatment Improvements:

The construction project to add Ultra Violet (UV) Disinfection to the San Pareil Water System is currently underway. The San Pareil Water Service Area was awarded $697,200 under the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund towards this improvement. This represents 83% of the estimated $840,000 budget required to design and install UV disinfection.

The remaining $142,800 (17% of the estimated budget) will be covered via tax increases. Water Service Area owners will have the option of either paying one lump sum amount or paying smaller amounts over 5 years.

More details will be given on this webpage as they become available.


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