2011 Nanoose Bay Fire Hall Referendum

Nanoose Bay Fire Hall Referendum

2011 Nanoose Bay Fire Hall Referendum

On Saturday, March 26, qualified electors within Electoral Area E & portions of Electoral Area F (Peterson Road area) & Electoral Area G (Rivers Edge development area) will be asked if they are in favour of borrowing up to $3.2 million to demolish the current fire hall and construct a new fire hall for Nanoose Bay.

Electoral Area E

Nanoose Bay Fire Hall Referendum
Official Declaration of Results

Voting Place: YES NO Total Ballots Cast
Advance Voting Opportunity - Nanoose Place: March 16 & March 23, 2011 82 44 126
Nanoose Place: March 26, 2011 354 124 478
Total Number of Valid Votes Cast 436 168 604
% of Vote 72.2% 27.8%  
Number of Rejected Ballots without objection (blank/overvoted ballots) 0
Number of Spoiled Ballots that were replaced 0
Total Number of Ballots Used 604
Total Number on Voters List (not including Instant Registrations) 4,865
Instant Registrations 51
Total Number on Voters List 4916
Voter Turnout 12.3%

This determination of official election results was made by the Chief Election Officer on Monday, March 28, 2011at 11:00 am and is based on ballot accounts as amended or prepared by the Chief Election Officer.

Click Here for a printable copy of the Official Declaration of Results

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