2006 Recreation Services Master Plan for District 69
Key Findings and Recommendations

Recreation Services Master Plan

Recreation Facilities

  • Defining "centralized" facilities for the Department and the community.
  • Continue with plans to develop a wellness centre at Ravensong Aquatic Centre and to future explore expansion opportunities of Ravensong Aquatic Centre including additional pool space.
  • Further explore the current demand for facility usage in municipal and school district facilities and consider the need for a multi-purpose centralized facility if the supply cannot meet the demand.
  • Provide assistance to Electoral Areas with respect to enhanced resources regarding localized facility maintenance and "decentralized" recreation programming.
  • Support the Cultural Coalition in preparing a feasibility study for a centralized arts facility.
Parks and Open Space
  • Explore future potential for a major sports complex in the Oceanside area including track and field.
  • Continue with trail development throughout Oceanside as a key linkage for recreational pursuits.
  • Collaborate with key partners including the municipalities and the school district to consider potential areas of cooperation with respect to Sports field development and maintenance.
  • Explore opportunities to enhance parks as youth friendly by providing facilities and amenities that are attractive to youth throughout the Oceanside area.
Recreation Services and Marketing
  • Establish formal processes and evaluative criteria for measuring the quality of program services and customer satisfaction.
  • Continue to provide the Financial Access Program and enhance the Department's program by implementing the Canadian Parks and Recreation's "Everybody Gets To Play" program and principles.
  • Explore opportunities to further enhance accessible and affordable program opportunities within existing community facilities throughout Oceanside, especially in the Electoral Areas.
  • Review and enhance the Department's Marketing Plan and find ways to market more affectively to all residents of Oceanside including the ongoing development of the RDN website and on-line registration.
  • Focus on health and wellness related programming in terms of the overall benefits to the residents of Oceanside, including the development of programs pertaining to the outdoors and parks, such as gardening and home landscaping.
  • Develop ice and pool allocation policies and processes.
  • Develop a partnership strategy for the Department with respect to working with other organizations.
  • Explore a partnership agreement with the School District including joint use, potential joint developments, and program partnerships.
  • Explore staffing requirements for recreation and parks services, and develop new staffing structures as necessary.
  • Develop a formal process for ongoing demographic and trends analysis.
  • Develop a community development strategy in relation to community needs and direct programming services.
  • Continue to seek Commission and Board support regarding the allocation of operating surpluses to a facility development and repair reserve fund.