Regional District of Nanaimo | RDN Select and Standing Committees

RDN Select and Standing Committees

Board Of Directors and Committee of the Whole

Jessica Stanley Vanessa Craig (Board Chair; Committee of the Whole Chair) Lauren Melanson Bob Rogers
Leanne Salter Lehann Wallace Stuart McLean Teunis Westbroek
Doug O'Brien Sean Wood Mark Swain Leonard Krog
Sheryl Armstrong Paul Manly Tyler Brown Ben Geselbracht
Erin Hemmens Ian Thorpe Janice Perrino  

Standing Committee Members

Committee Appointments
Electoral Area Services Committee: B. Rogers (Chair), S. McLean (Vice Chair), J. Stanley, V. Craig, L. Melanson, L. Salter, L. Wallace
Executive Committee: S. McLean (Chair), V. Craig (Vice Chair), T. Brown, B. Rogers, L. Salter, E. Hemmens, M. Swain, D. O'Brien

Select Committee Members

Committee Appointments
Community Grants Committee: L. Melanson (Chair), S. McLean (Vice Chair), L. Wallace
Solid Waste Management Select Committee: B. Geselbracht (Chair), B. Rogers (Vice Chair), L. Krog, D. O'Brien, T. Westbroek, L. Melanson, P. Manly, L. Wallace, S. Armstrong
Transit Select Committee: S. McLean (Chair), J. Perrino (Vice Chair), E. Hemmens, S. Armstrong, L. Krog, P. Manly, B. Geselbracht, J. Stanley, L. Melanson, B. Rogers, L. Wallace, T. Westbroek, M. Swain, D. O'Brien
Regional Parks and Trails Select Committee: E. Hemmens (Chair), M. Swain (Vice Chair), J. Stanley, V. Craig, L. Melanson, B. Rogers, L. Salter, L. Wallace, S. McLean, S. Wood, T. Westbroek, B. Geselbracht, P. Manly, L. Krog
Oceanside Services Committee: T. Westbroek (Chair), S. McLean (Vice Chair), D. O'Brien, S. Wood, B. Rogers, L. Salter, L. Wallace

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