Notice of Applications for Scrutineers

Electoral Area 'B' Transit Contribution Assent Voting

On Saturday, February 13, 2016 qualified electors within Electoral Area 'B' of the Regional District of Nanaimo will be voting on the following question:
"Are you in favour of the Regional District of Nanaimo adopting Bylaw No. 1734 to provide for the following:
  • establishing the "Transit Contribution Service" within Electoral Area 'B' to provide for a contribution towards a system of public transit in Electoral Area 'B'; and
  • annually requisitioning up to a maximum of the greater of $250,000 or $0.25 per $1,000 of net taxable value of land and improvements to pay for the service?"
Scrutineers for and against the question must be appointed if applications are received from persons who wish to volunteer for the positions. Only persons entitled to vote as electors on the question shown above are entitled to act as scrutineers. If sufficient applications are received, one scrutineer for and one scrutineer against the question will be appointed for each voting place. One scrutineer for the question and one scrutineer against the question will also be appointed to be present at the determination of the official results and, if necessary, at a judicial recount.

Applications to act as a scrutineer will be received by the Chief Election Officer or designated person at the office of the Regional District of Nanaimo located at 6300 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, BC V9T 6N2 between 8:30 am, Tuesday, December 29, 2015 and 4:30 pm, Friday, January 8, 2016. Applications will be received during regular office days and hours during this period: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 am - 4:30 pm; and Wednesday from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, excluding statutory holidays. Application forms are available at the office of the Regional District of Nanaimo or by Clicking Here.

Interested persons can obtain information on the requirements and procedures for making an application by contacting the Chief Election Officer, Jacquie Hill, or the Deputy Chief Election Officer, Matt O'Halloran at the Regional District of Nanaimo office: 250-390-4111, toll free at 1-877-607-4111 or email vote@rdn.bc.ca.

Chief Election Officer