Secondary Suites

The purpose of this page is to provide information about secondary suites in the RDN. This information is intended to assist property owners wishing to construct a secondary suite and provide direction and assistance to property owners who have an unrecognized secondary suite.

Secondary suites are allowed in the following zones:

  • Bylaw 500 - AG1, RS1, RS1.1, RS2, and RU1 - RU10 (inclusive)
  • Bylaw 1285 - A-1, R-1, R-2, R-3, R-4
Secondary Suites are not permitted in all other zones, unless specifically listed as a permitted use in that zone.

Is your property within the Provincial Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)?

Please note: the policies of the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) also apply to residential uses on lands located within the ALR. Please contact the ALC for further information, at 1 (604) 660 7000 or consult their website.

Our mapping tool, RDNMap, can be used to determine if a property may be located within the reserve, please see below. This should be confirmed with the ALC.

Don't Know which bylaw applies to you? Look up your address in the RDN WebMap:

Have a question? Need more information?

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