Regional District of Nanaimo - Track And Field Facility Feasibility Study

Track And Field Facility Feasibility Study

As identified in the 2006 Recreation Services Master Plan for Oceanside, one of the key centralized facilities to be given future consideration is the construction of a track and field facility.

By March of 2008 recommendations for a Track and Field Facility Feasibility Study were approved regarding a joint venture between the School District and the Regional District Recreation and Parks Department. The consulting firm of Yates, Thorn and Associates Inc. was retained to manage the project in conjunction with a Committee consisting of School District and Regional District staff and District 69 Commission representatives. Funding for the Study was provided through a grant from the School Community Connections Program administered by the BC School Trustees Association and the Union of BC Municipalities on behalf of the Ministry of Education.

The Study was completed in June of 2009 and the consultant's report presented two recommendations based on the findings:

  1. That a long term approach continue to be explored for the development of an outdoor sports complex that would include a track and field facility; and
  2. That a short term approach be considered for upgrading the existing track and field facility at Ballenas Secondary School.
Both the Board of Trustees of School District 69 and the Regional District Board approved resolutions that closely reflect the consultant's recommendations. The Recreation and Parks Department will use the Study as a key reference document, collaborating with the School District and other key stakeholders as future plans unfold.

The next phase of planning is underway to explore the short term approach and funding opportunities. Further planning and meetings will be held in respect to both recommendations.

For further information regarding the Track and Field Facility project contact:

Dean Banman, Manager of Recreation Services
To view the Consultant's report click on the following link: