Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Ravensong Aquatic Centre reopen?

Ravensong Aquatic Centre will reopen in late September. Many considerations and requirements need to be met before we can reopen safely to the public. 

When Ravensong does reopen things will be different; there will be lower maximum capacities for the facility, our programs and lessons be offered in new formats, patron movement through the facility will be different, as will staff/patron interactions. 

How is the swimming pool water cleaned?

Pool water is:

  • filtered
  • treated by Ultra Violet light
  • treated with chlorine and sent back to the swimming pool.

By law the main pool water is re-circulated through this system in its entirety at least once every 6 hours.

What is UV?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is at the invisible, violet end of the light spectrum. Ultra violet purification uses a UV light source which enclosed in a protective transparent sleeve.

Why is Ultraviolet light with Chlorine tablets used to treat the swimming pool water?

  • UV is compact and easy to incorporate.
  • UV will noticeably improve the air and water quality by reducing chloramines.
  • Almost every bacteria and virus is easily disinfected with UV.
  • Chlorine tablets are selected because of its lower capital costs, accuracy, reliability, safe handling, and maintenance benefits.

Will there be any chlorine in the swimming pool water?

Yes, by law, all BC swimming pools must be disinfected with a minimum of .5 ppm chlorine. We have chosen a tablet chlorination system.

What is a tablet chlorination system?

Tablet chlorination systems accurately and safely deliver chlorine to water systems. Calcium hypochlorite tablets are an attractive alternative to chlorine gas or liquid chlorine solutions because it is a dry form of chlorine that offers several handling advantages.

How does ultraviolet light disinfect the water?

UV rays penetrate harmful bacteria and viruses in the water, destroying their ability to reproduce. It is a simple but very effective process, with the system destroying 99.9% of harmful micro-organisms.

What are Chloramines?

Chloramines or combined chlorine are the results of chlorine and bathers interacting. They off-gas into the air; they are corrosive to the building and humans. Controlling chloramines will reduce odor and irritation; making the environment healthier and more enjoyable.

What water temperatures are the 3 Ravensong pools set at?

  • 25 meter lane pool 28.3 C or 83.5 F
  • Leisure pool 34.5 C or 94 F
  • Whirl pool 39 C or 102 F

What type of Saunas are there at Ravensong Aquatic Centre?

Ravensong Aquatic Centre has both a steam sauna and a dry infrared sauna.

What community groups or clubs participate in programs at Ravensong Aquatic Center?

Where do I find contact information for community groups or clubs?

If you have any questions, please Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you.