District 69 Recreation Grants

NOTE: Please read all of the information provided before completing your application.

Application deadlines:

January 25, 2019
May 31 2019
August 30, 2019


To provide funds on a District-wide basis to organizations requesting financial assistance to offer recreation programs, special events or projects, which would benefit specific communities or the District as a whole; either youth specific (11-18 years) or to other populations.


Allocation of funding is reviewed each year by the staff and the District 69 Recreation Commission, and approved by the Board of the Regional District of Nanaimo. Funding available is equally shared between two categories of grants, the Community Grants and the Youth Grants. Funding is disbursed at the Commission's discretion upon receipt of a completed Grants Program application to a maximum of $2,500 per application and only after Regional Board approval. Larger disbursements may be considered at the Commission's discretion.


  1. Submissions for grant applications are advertised and received on a tri-annual, seasonal basis. Deadlines are the last Friday in January, May and August each year. Groups applying for grants must complete an application form, included with this package. Recreation Grant forms are available below at or may be picked up at Oceanside Place or the Ravensong Aquatic Centre.

  2. Completed application forms are to be submitted to:
    Attention: Cathy MacKenzie
    Recreation Programmer - Community Development
    RDN Recreation and Parks
    830 West Island Highway
    Parksville, B.C. V9P 2X4


  1. A sub-committee of the District 69 Recreation Commission and staff will review and evaluate grant applications. Recommendations regarding successful grant recipients will be forwarded to the District 69 Recreation Commission and to the Regional Board for approval.

  2. The sub-committee may disburse, each term, approximately 1/3 of the grant funding available; although, if deemed appropriate by the sub-committee, based on the nature of the proposal, larger expenditures, per term, may be recommended, as funds are available.

  3. All applicants will be notified regarding approval status, and once approved; successful applicants will receive funding within 3 weeks of approval date.

  4. The District 69 Recreation Commission will ensure that each community is generally, equitably represented throughout the year and that a wide range of grant recipients including recreation/parks, sports, arts and culture are represented in the selection process.

  5. Successful grant recipients will be required to provide a Summary Report outlining the intent and final outcome of the project and an accounting of how grant monies were spent within the overall budget. This Summary Report must be submitted to RDN Recreation and Parks within 30 days of project completion. Failure to provide a summary report may result in the applicant or organization to which the applicant reports, being declared ineligible for future grant funding.

  6. Late submissions may or may not be considered at the discretion of the sub-committee depending on timing, priorities and available funding.

  7. It is required that the Regional District of Nanaimo name and logo is included in any recognition of the project whether promotions, written or signage.


  1. Funding will be considered for groups providing recreation services in any of the following:
    • new programs
    • expansion of current programs
    • leadership development
    • new or expanded special events
    • special projects
  2. When selecting grants priority will be given to the following applications:
    • representative of District wide opportunities
    • representative of Electoral Area communities
    • offering services to a wide range and number of participants
    • gender equitable - accessible to both females and males
  3. Only non-profit groups benefitting residents of District 69 qualify for funding.

  4. Funds may not be used for honorariums, wages or other professional fees, personal equipment, or individual membership fees.

  5. Must be unique in nature - not duplicating services already provided in the community unless a demand can be demonstrated.

  6. It is recommended that groups identify a minimum of one other revenue source within their funding proposal other than the Regional District of Nanaimo.

  7. Groups applying for more than one project or program may be considered depending on the availability of funding; however, groups may not apply for funding from both Community Grants and Youth Grants for the same proposal.

  8. Projects receiving funding from the Regional District of Nanaimo Grants-In-Aid Program will not be eligible for additional funding from the Recreation Grants Program. Groups may apply for different projects for their organization but will not receive more than one source of RDN funding for the same project.

  9. Groups may apply for funding each term and each year; however, funds are not guaranteed on a regular, on-going basis.

  10. The Recreation Grants Program excludes requests for repairs, maintenance or capital improvements to community operated buildings or halls. This type of request should be directed to funding that may be provided by the Electoral Area Parks and Open Spaces Advisory Committee.

  11. Some applications, requiring approval and/or cooperation from land owners, several organizations or funders, may be approved in principle with conditions including:
    • Providing written approval from land owners/, municipalities;
    • Providing written proof /receipt that other funding and partners are in place to sustain the whole project and budget;
    • Others as need arises
    Once the conditions are met then funds will be disbursed. Formal agreements may be required depending on the nature of the application.

  12. Recreation Grants must be used by the applicant for the sole purpose as described in the grant application. Successful grant recipients must spend the funds for the approved purposes within twelve months of receiving the funds, or the funds shall be returned to the RDN.

  13. Any funding remaining in one category (i.e. Youth or Community) that has not been dispersed during the year may be allocated to the other grant category in the fall.