16th Annual Golden Shoe Hunt

18th Annual Golden Shoe Hunt

RDN Recreation and Parks is excited to send you out on the hunt for the Golden Shoe again this year. Explore both regional and community parks in the RDN from April through May. Each week a shoe is hidden and a clue to its location is released. Clues and instructions for the locations of the shoes will be posted weekly starting April 7.

Take a photo of the shoe, without touching it, post on social media with the hashtag #goldenshoehunt2024 or visit our Get Involved page to put a pin on our interactive map or tell us a story about your golden shoe adventures. Registrants who have posted with the hashtag or posted on our site will be entered into our prize draws. All six shoes will remain in their hiding places until after the May long weekend, so there is plenty of time to find them.

As you explore the trails be sure to respect the natural environment by staying on the trail and please don’t touch the shoe, but do take a photo or tell us about your hunt adventures and enter into the draw for prizes.

Follow us on RDN FacebookRDN Twitter and RDN Instagram for the weekly clue.

We hope adventurers of all ages enjoy the hunt.