Notice to Tender

CCTV Inspection of North Shore Interceptor Sewer

The Regional District of Nanaimo invites tenders for Long-Range CCTV Inspection, including Flushing, Cleaning, and Root Cutting, as required to facilitate the inspections, for approximately five thousand seven hundred and fifty five (5,755) lineal metres of sanitary sewer pipeline, ranging in diameter from 750mm to 900mm, located along the Nanaimo/Lantzville shoreline.

Inquiries regarding this proposal may be directed to:

Michael Desilets, P. Eng.
Regional District of Nanaimo Fax: 250-390-1542
6300 Hammond Bay Rd., Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 6N2
Email: mdesilets@rdn.bc.ca
The Regional District of Nanaimo will receive Tenders up to Monday July 25th - 4:00 pm local time at their offices located at:
Regional and Community Utilities Department Counter
2nd Floor, 6300 Hammond Bay Road, Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 6N2
Attention: Michael Desilets, P.Eng
Phone: 250-390-6560 ext 6144