Potential Zoning Changes

The RDN Agriculture Bylaw and Policy Updates Project has resulted in amendments to RDN Land Use and Subdivision Bylaw No. 500.1987 (Bylaw 500) and RDN Zoning and Subdivision Bylaw No. 1285, 2002 (Bylaw 1285).

The purpose of the adopted changes is to address obstacles that are a direct result of RDN bylaws and to support and encourage agriculture in the region.

In summary the approved changes include:

  1. A new agriculture zone(s) that applies to all land in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) that generally includes the following:
    1. protection for uses that are currently allowed by existing zoning;
    2. provisions that allow all farm uses designated by the provincial ALR Regulation;
    3. new opportunities for additional accessory uses that are permitted by the ALR Regulation on ALR land; and,
    4. increased parcel coverage for farm buildings and greenhouses as recommended by the Guide to Bylaw Development in Farming Areas published by the Ministry of Agriculture.
  2. The introduction of flexible minimum setback requirements that apply to agricultural buildings and intensive agricultural uses.
  3. New definitions that define new terms used in the draft zones.
  4. New or amended general regulations that include the following:
    1. new or amended provisions for agri-tourism accommodation;
    2. new provisions for temporary sawmill (rough sawing of logs is currently allowed in Bylaw 500 and temporary sawmill is currently allowed in Bylaw 1285);
    3. clarification and new guidance regarding the current requirements for kennel facilities;
    4. new opportunities for taller transparent forms of agricultural fencing;
    5. support for the issuance of a Temporary Use Permit to allow farmers market in any zone; and,
    6. new provisions for household poultry.