Water User Rates

The Regional District of Nanaimo has adopted a water user fee rate structure for the nine water systems it serves.

The rate structure is

  • The same for all nine water systems
  • Based on the average cost to produce water for our customers
  • Structured to encourage water conservation
The rate structure was designed with user fees increasing as water consumption increases.

User Fee Rates are printed on the back of your utility invoice.

2018 RDN Water Systems Rate Structure * effective May 1, 2018

  Rate per Cubic Meter Per Day
Minimum Daily Rate Up to 0.7 .71 to 1.4 1.41 to 2.1 2.11 to 2.8 2.81 to 3.5 over 3.51
$0.34 $1.04 $1.18 $1.52 $1.79 $2.40 $3.60

The first block volume of 0.7 cubic metres (700 litres or 154 gallons) per household was determined using the Canadian average consumption of 646 litres per day over an entire year. It was increased to 700 litres to reflect the longer spring and summer period experienced on Vancouver Island. It is less than the existing RDN systems average of 800 litres per day in support of the conservation-based approach to pricing.

For more information on the RDN water systems and ideas to help you conserve water please see the RDN Water Conservation section.

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