Water Services, Leaks and Billing

Water Services, Leaks and Billing

The Regional District of Nanaimo operates 9 water utilities or Water Service Areas (WSA).

Water Service Areas
Nanoose Bay Peninsula San Pareil
Melrose Terrace Englishman River
French Creek Decourcey
Surfside Whiskey Creek
Westurne Heights  

A Water Service Area delineates the properties which will be charged for capital, maintenance and operation of the system. Costs must be allocated between the 9 water systems as accurately as possible so that budgets reflect the amount to be recovered from property owners.

Benefits of a Water Service include:

  • A supply of water for the purposes of drinking, fire protection, and irrigation.
  • Weekly testing to ensure water meets safety and quality standards as designated by the Drinking Water Protection Act and the Drinking Water Protection Regulations. Please follow the links to your individual Water Service Area for well production and water quality information.
  • System maintenance and 24 hour-on-call crews for emergencies.
  • Administration and engineering support.
  • Long-term planning for infrastructure improvements or replacement.
  • Public education and information on water conservation.
  • Water metering.

What are the Water User Rates?

  • Please Click Here for Water User Rates
  • RDN water service customers are billed twice annually, in May and in October.
  • All customers pay for water by applying a rate schedule which encourages conservation.
  • User rates increase with the amount of water consumed.
High Water Bill Guide